Natural Food Grade Powder Liquid Health Skin Care Cosmetic Grade Mineral Fulvic Acid


Natural Food Grade Powder Liquid Health Skin Care Cosmetic Grade Mineral Fulvic Acid

Natural Food Grade Powder Liquid Health Skin Care Cosmetic Grade Mineral Fulvic Acid

Overview Product Description Food Grade Fulvic Acid is in high purity, the product can be well applied into solid mixtur

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Basic Info.
Chemical Character Chemical Alkaline
Raw Material Derived From Lignite
Type Medical Humic Acid
Size /
Feature 100% Natural Minerals
pH 9.0-10.0
Fineness /
Export Ports Tianjin/Dalian/Qingdao/Shanghai/Qinzhou
Package According to Customers’requirement
Container Capacity 20FCL 10-25t, 40hq 26.5-29 T
Moisture 1-2%Max
Copper(Cu) 0.005mg/Kg
Microelement(Mo+B+Zn+Mn+Fe+Se)Y Basis) 0.005mg/Kg
Certificate Ceres/ISO9001/COA/MSDS/Coo/Registration/TDS/CIQ
Organic Matter 99%
Product Name Mineral Food Grade Humic Acid
Transport Package 1kg Food-Grade Aluminum Foil Bags/500ml Bottle
Specification Fulvic acid: 60% / 99.75%, 100% Water solubility
Trademark JINGFENG
Origin Shanxi, China
HS Code 38249999
Production Capacity 10 Mt/Month
Product Description

Product Description

Food Grade Fulvic Acid is in high purity, the product can be well applied into solid mixture,beverage and functional drink. Besides, it can also be used as the additive of body care,food and cosmetics. Till now, this product is already successfully applied both in domestic and oversea markets.Mineral Source Medical Fulvic Acid, Have Food Grade With Liquid And Powder Type.Medical / food / pharmaceutical grade Fulvic acid is firstly removed heavy metals and toxins by resin and ultraviolet rays, then extract humic acid and fulvic acids by food grade ingredients. Derived from lignite, as a product from nature, the effectiveness of fulvic acid supplements comes from its ability to feed people's body on a cellular level. As fulvic acid belongs to humic acid, we can also call it medical humic acid.

Food grade humic acid, Fulvic Acid Medical Grade, Fulvic Acid Pharmaceutical Grade, Fulvic Acid Cosmetic Grade , Fulvic Acid Food Grade.

Medical Fulvic acid Main Function(1).Anti-inflammatory.(2).Ease the ulcer.(3).Hemostasis, thrombolysis, improve microcirculation.(Medical Fulvic acid)(4).Adjuvant therapy of diabetic complications and diarrhea (Medical Fulvic acid)(5).Improve immunity function(6).Improve endocrine function.(7).Estrogen-like effects.(8).Beautify the features and health effects (Fulvic Acid Cosmetic Grade)

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Our Best Sellers as below:

Super potassium humate K2O12-10%min,HA65-70%min
Potassium humate K2O 8%min,6.5%min,5%min,2%min,HA65-40%min
Potassium fulvate FA15%min,K2O10%min,HA65%min
Mineral fulvic acid FA55%min,K2O12%min,HA60%min
Humic acid Urea N46
Biological fulvic acid(Plant source fermentationmicrobial fermentation) Brown powder granular K2O12%min,5%min
Soluble humic acid 65-70%min,50%min,40%min
Insoluble humic acid 65-70%min,50%min,40%min
Amino acid(Plant/Animal source) Amino80%min-50%min
Seaweed extract Alginic acid 20-12%min,K2O 20-12%min
Sodium humate 70%min,65%min,50%min,40%min
Fulvic acid for human consumption Healthcare Supplement Food or Medical FA99.75%min,60%min
Humic Acid Amino Shiny Colored Granular/Pearl(With resin coating/uncoating) NPK15-0-1,Animo10%min,HA15%min
Boron Humate HA50%min,Boron12%min
Nitro Humic Acid HA50%min,N 2%min
Ammonium Humate HA40%min,N 5%min

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JINGFENG HUMIC ACID Mineral Source Medical Fulvic Acid

Medical Fulvic acid application(1).Anti-inflammatory.(2).Ease the ulcer.(3).Hemostasis, thrombolysis, improve microcirculation.(Medical Fulvic acid)(4).Adjuvant therapy of diabetic complications and diarrhea (Medical Fulvic acid)Balance and beautify(1).Improve immunity function(2).Improve endocrine function.(3).Estrogen-like effects.(7).Beautify the features and health effects (Fulvic Acid Cosmetic Grade)

Product Parameters

Main Specification

AppearanceBlack LiquidBlack Powder
Supply ability10 MT/month10 MT/month
Water solubility100%100%
Fulvic Acid(dry basis)99.75% min60.00% min
Methyl Mercury(Hg)≤0.005mg/kg≤0.005mg/kg
Inorganic Arsenic(As)≤0.005mg/kg≤0.005mg/kg

Medical Fulvic Acid Taking instructions(1)Liquid: Taking 20-50 ml on an empty stomach twice a day. It's better to drink liquid directly.(2)Powder: Diluted with purified water. The water temperature cannot exceed 60 degrees.(3)Do not eat anything for one hour before or after taking, and drink pure water (not mineral water) for two hours before and after taking it.(4)Consult with a doctor before use. Not a medicine.(5)Store the product in a dry, clean, well ventilated place, the product won't change its physical and chemical characteristics for minimum 3 years.


Natural Food Grade Powder Liquid Health Skin Care Cosmetic Grade Mineral Fulvic Acid

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Company Profile

The companyShandong Jingfeng Humic Acid Technology Co., Ltd.JINGFENG focus on green agriculture , human health . We are committed to humic acid products development , producing and selling. We have achieved remarkable results on development and application of the agriculture humic acid series , feed farming humic acid series , pharmaceutical grade humic acid,Industrial field.Main productsCurrently we have Agricultural Product series humic acid base fertilizer NPK, humic fertilization, macronutrients humic fertilization, fulvic acid foliage and the like; lead-acid batteries expansive aspect of high purity humic acid; sodium humate feed grade, pharmaceutical grade humic acid and so on 30 kinds of products.Overseas Bestsellers: original humic acid powder, humic acid granules, sodium humate, super sodium humate, potassium humate, super potassium humate, nitro humate, boron humate, magnesium humate, phosphate humate, potassium fulvate, fulvic acid chelated trace elements have been exported to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East and Southeast Asia more than two dozen countries, was widely praised.We will always adhere to the honest and credible managing style, and remain the most reliable partner of customers. Welcome to your attention and requirement!

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Natural Food Grade Powder Liquid Health Skin Care Cosmetic Grade Mineral Fulvic Acid


What is humic acid?

Humic acid has so many effects, What's the mechanism? Here is an explanation for everyone:

The concept of humic acid

Because humic acid is not a pure substance, it is a type substance, and a complex mixture. Its composition varies greatly depending on the source. In addition, the nature of humic acid produced by fermentation is still being defined in recent years, just this type of substance with similar properties is collectively referred to as "humic acid".

The concept of humic acid in the macroscopic sense is: the remains of animals and plants, mainly plant remains, a type of organic matter created and accumulated through a series of processes of microbial decomposition, transformation, geochemistry.

Humic acid mechanism of action

Soil organic matter is mainly divided into two categories: one is fresh and incompletely decomposed animal and plant residues; the other is humus.

1) In addition to humus, including organic residues, further decomposition products and microbial re-synthesis products, The main ingredient is humic acid. Peat, lignite and leonardite contain coal humic acid is similar to the structure and properties of soil humic acid and its effect on soil and crops. Use abundant coal humic acid and its series of products as fertilizers, which can be used as a supplementary source of soil humic acid.

2)Coal humic acid as an organic colloid. Long-term application can promote the formation of soil aggregates, improve the structural condition of the soil, make the soil good in aeration and water permeability, and reduce the pH of saline-alkaline soil.

3) Humic acid has the ability to fix nitrogen, decompose phosphate, and fix potassium. Therefore, humic acid can promote the absorption of NPK by crops, and has a synergistic effect on NPK fertilizer.

what is the basic function of humic acids?

1) Improve the structure of soil .For light and sand soil, it can retain water nutrient . For heavy and compact soil, working with fungi to create a crumb structure for better water oxygen and nutrients intake and improved root .

2) Adjust PH value of soil, it can neutralize both acidic and alkaline soil .

3) Stimulate plant growth, increase the yield and quality.

4) Reduce nitrate leaking into the groundwater and protect the underground water.

5) Increase the effectiveness of herbicide pesticide and fungicide, immobilize or reduce their harmful residues.

What is potassium humate?

Potassium humate is one of important humate acid salts,which is always called humate,is the final product when leonardite or lignite treated with alkaline.

Potassium humate Manufacturing process?1.raw material1.1 Select leonardite or lignite1.2Natural oxidization for more than 3month1.3Crushing into fine powder2.Chemical reaction2.1Supply raw material to reaction tank2.2Treat humic acid raw material with alkaline (KOH) at certain ratio under high pressure and temperature,complete reaction.3.SedimentationTransfer the dilution into first-sedimentation tank keep still for sometime separate humin and other impurities,then pump into second sedimentation tank.4.FilteringPump the dilution after sedimentation into centrifugal constantly to get high purity humate liquid.5.Three type of Drying5.1Flake type through rolling drying machine.5.2Powder type through spray tower.5.3Solar drying into crystal form.