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Oct 01, 2023

Best Beauty Products of July 2023

These new launches need to be on your radar. Hundreds of beauty products launch each month, but not all of them live up to their claims. To make your life a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of our

These new launches need to be on your radar.

Hundreds of beauty products launch each month, but not all of them live up to their claims. To make your life a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite new launches to help you discover the legit game-changers worth adding to your cart. Whether you’re an amateur skincare expert, a makeup guru, or just looking for something exciting to add to your medicine cabinet, these are the exciting finds worth adding to your cart.

There are tons of skin tints on the market, but some are too watery or too thick. This one, however, is just right. It has a pillowy, buildable texture that delivers a luminous veil over my face. It sinks in quickly and doesn’t feel like another layer of goop on my skin. Plus, you’ll find ingredients like cactus flower and vitamin E in the formula—together, they block environmental aggressors and strengthen the skin barrier.

It’s difficult to find a moisturizer that I enjoy slathering on my face. So many are too sticky or make my skin feel like it’s coated in grease. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about any of those things with this cream from Chanel. The whipped, airy texture doesn’t suffocate my skin, and it leaves behind a healthy-looking glow. It doesn’t just look and feel pretty, either—inside this vanity-worthy jar, you’ll find vanilla planifolia, an ingredient known for its antioxidant, skin-soothing, and anti-aging properties.

This clear mask is basically lip gloss for your hair. Comb it through towel-dried hair, wait five-ish minutes, rinse it out, and voila! Shinier, silkier hair. The conditioning mask also strengthens damaged hair, thanks to the formula’s argan oil and amino acid blend.

These days, a spritz here and there goes further than ever. Exhibit A: This refreshing mist from Charlotte Tilbury. The ingredient lineup includes hyaluronic acid, kombu extract, niacinamide, and glycerin, delivering a dose of barrier-protecting hydration in every spray. It keeps my skin looking supple and plump throughout the day.

This candle looks more like a sculpture than your run-of-the-mill department store candle. Light the wicks, and this statement piece emits a delightful floral scent. For those lucky enough to have outdoor space, this candle doubles as a charming outdoor ambiance as the sun sets.

This isn’t an average pimple patch—it’s invisible. Here’s how it works: After cleansing skin, add a drop of the formula to your fingertip, dab it onto the pimple, and spread it out into a thin layer; then let it dry for about a minute to create a breathable seal that plays well with SPF and makeup. With salicylic acid, niacinamide, and licorice root, this solution will shrink your zit and fade post-pimple dark spots.

If your skin is a big softie (read: extra sensitive), this is a must-add to your skincare routine. This fragrance-free cleanser won’t irritate your skin, doesn’t strip your face dry, keeps your complexion clear, and takes off your eye makeup without incessant rubbing. What more could you ask for?

This mascara is an overachiever—it lifts, lengthens, holds a curl, and separates lashes, sans clumps. It uses small, flexible fibers to add length and volume to every single lash—yes, even the teeny-tiny ones—for a doe-eyed effect, and the slim brush makes application quick and mess-free.

These hairline patches are the first of their kind, and they’re worth your attention. They work similarly to their eye mask counterparts; the hydrogels are infused with a formula that contains a patented combination of acetyl tetrapeptide, dextran, and red clover flower extract. This blend boosts hairline density, regenerates hair follicles, and soothes inflammation. The patches slide off easily, and the formula won’t leave your hair looking or feeling greasy.

I love nothing more than a good body oil, and this one is now at the top of my list. After applying it to damp skin, my body feels softer and plush to the touch (that’s most likely the babassu seed oil doing its thing). It rubs in deeply, rather than sitting on top of my skin. Also, the citrus scent is truly energizing—it’s the perfect scent to kick off the day.

This product starts as a balm and transforms into an oil as you massage it into your skin. The texture is gentle yet luxe—it’s super easy to work with, feels amazing on the skin, and removes makeup, SPF, and grime in one wash. The result? A dewy, soft, and clear-skinned visage.

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