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Dec 16, 2023

Chris Ploof Launches NFC Medical ID Jewelry

The dog tag style pendants in hand-forged Damascus steel and 18K gold previewed at the JCK Las Vegas. Published on By (PRESS RELEASE) LEOMINSTER, MA — Chris Ploof, founder and designer at Chris Ploof

The dog tag style pendants in hand-forged Damascus steel and 18K gold previewed at the JCK Las Vegas.




(PRESS RELEASE) LEOMINSTER, MA — Chris Ploof, founder and designer at Chris Ploof Designs, launched the first designer collection of medical ID tags equipped with NFC (near field communication) microchips, in partnership with EZEC (Easy Emergency Contact). The new dog tag style pendants in hand-forged Damascus steel and 18K gold previewed at the JCK Las Vegas show last month to much excitement. The pendants retail for $990, and this includes the EZEC services for the life of the piece. Each one is a one-of-a-kind piece as the Damascus steel is hand forged for each pendant. The microchip is connected to a secure HIPAA-compliant mobile app and database, giving first responders access to critical life-saving data, including allergies, medical conditions, emergency contacts, etc. EZEC also sends an SMS message to all your emergency contacts once scanned. Ploof was the first person ever to pre-sell EZEC enabled Medical ID jewelry at the JCK Las Vegas show. Ploof plans to roll out additional designs with the technology in the coming months, including unisex cuff bracelets and other pendant designs.

“I was so impressed with the technology incorporated into the NFC microchips that EZEC specifically created for use in jewelry that I was eager to find a way to work them into my designs,” said Chris Ploof, president and founder of Chris Ploof Designs. “We were quite literally the first order for EZEC and could not be happier to be working with their technology.”

The NFC microchip is designed to work well with many types of jewelry, including pendants and bracelets. The EZEC database can be filled with important identification and health care information for easy dissemination of information by near field chip readers that are available in most modern cellular phones. All EMT (emergency medical technicians) have NFC readers available and are trained to search for medical ID jewelry at the throat, chest, and wrist. Beyond the immediate lifesaving benefit for emergency situations, Ploof envisions the jewelry with NFC chips being used in a variety of ways to enhance convenience upon check-in at medical facilities and/ or to streamline identification processes for Amber Alert victims, those suffering from amnesia, dementia, or shock.

“The seamless integration of life saving technology with the exquisite designs from master metalsmith Chris Ploof, is certain to entice even the most rugged individuals to wear Medical ID…. I’m beyond blown away at Chris’s creativity and style!” – Manos Phoundoulakis, co-founder of

Chris Ploof Designs was founded by artist Chris Ploof in 2005. Born in Massachusetts, Chris is an award-winning master jeweler who understands and appreciates the slow, methodical process of creating beautiful jewelry. A twice winner of the prestigious Industry Leader Award, Chris loves the challenge of making customers’ visions come to life. You can learn more about Chris and his work at

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